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I completed the first phase of the Cycling W3R Expedition and spent three days in Rhode Island mapping out a viable Bike Route for the W3R. Due to some business issues I had to come back to KC. Since I am doing the this for free, I had to make sure I had income coming in from my business- I work for my self I will resume the expedition in the Fall when I am comfortable financially.

This is a grassroots project, I am volunteering my own money and time to; map out a safe Bike Route for the National Park Service, increase awareness of the sacrifices made by the people of the American Revolution so we can have the freedom and Liberty we enjoy in American, and to promote the benefits of cycling for travel and transportation and specifically how it encourages good health for: people, the environment, and communities.

All donations fund the expedition expenses only: Travel, occasional lodging, food, insurance, emergency, home expenses while on expedition, bikes repair, etc. If there is any extra money it will be used toward the next phase of the Expedition. The goal is to complete the missions.

I will list your name on the website, mentioning you while on the expedition, and acknowledging you on the follow up guide book. If your a business there are advertising opportunities.

Donate - Make a donation by clicking the  “Donate” button on the right side of this screen to donate via PayPal. Or if you are more comfortable you can send a check (address at bottom of page).

Suggested donation: What you feel comfortable with.

Phase two contributors
Bob Bird-Overland Park, KS
Freeman L. Miller-Mission Hills, KS
Whitney Bartelli-Lees Summit, MO
William Tweedy-West Yarmouth, MA
Stepanie Smith-Prairie Village, KS
Shawna Beckner-Kansas City, MO
Hal and Vicki Flynn-Prairie Village, KS
Phase one contributors
( Paid for equipment, travel to and from East Coast, food, lodging, maps, etc.)
Bill Downing-Cranston, RI
Willow Lundgren-Kansas City, MO
Mark Anderson-Haverstown, PA
Carrie and Caroline Blubaugh-Prairie Village, KS
Tricia Beaham-Mission Hills, KS
Lydia Rapoza of Joy Homestead for her third donation and to
Karen Heath of Prairie Village, KS
Ken Lauden of Mission Hills, KS
Brian & Edie Larson-Prairie Village, KS
Duane Benton-Westwood, KS
Linda Jones-Lenexa, KS
Claudia Gibson, West Lebanon, NH (2nd donation!)
Mark Titus-Prairie Village, KS
Mick Swanson-Prairie Village, KS
Amie Wolff Logan-Overland Park, KS
Amy Sue Pennington-Shawnee, KS
Hal and Vickie Flynn-Prairie Village, KS
Joel Crown-Prairie Village, KS
Galina Chernikova-Somerville, NJ
Katie Schell-Mission Hills, KS (Starbucks card!)
Ralph D Nelson, Jr- Florida
Dave Nelson- Prairie Village, KS
Lydia Rapoza-Coventry, RI ( 3 Donations!)
Debbie Simpson-Mission Hills, KS
Dana Niles-Merion Station, PA  ($ + Starbucks card)
Claudia Gibson-West Lebanon, NH 
Tiffany Hiller-Prairie Village, KS
Mary Kimble-Blue Springs, MO
Gary Mallen-Leawood, KS
Lisa Trager-Prairie Village, KS
John Goodwin-Misson Hills, KS
Randy Rasa-Springhill, KS 
Pete Storm-Vienna, VA
Adam Gatewood-Topeka, KS

Organizations and Businesses
Joy Homestead-W3R historical site, Cranston, RI
Theresa Van Ackeren-Family Bicycles, Kansas City, MO
Elizabeth Bejan-Revolve Inc, Kansas City, MO
BKV Direct Marketing, Overland Park, KS

Check donations may be sent to:
Bill Poindexter c/o Cycling W3R
3909 West 84th St, Apt A
Prairie Village, KS
Please make check payable to Bill Poindexter