Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well, getting closer to heading back East! I will finish writing about my first section in the next week. Sorry, been super busy with work. Thanks to Bob Bird, Freeman L Miller, and Whitney Bartelli for their donations.

The National Park Service let me know they finally cam up with a shorter name for the National Historic Trail and a new logo:

So the trail is now called the Washington- Rochambeau I just need to figure out how to change the name on all the things I worked on! :)

Seriously, I am soooo anxious to get my butt back East and finish the Expedition. One group criticized me for cutting it short, but as a volunteer, I have to be able to pay my own bills, so I am separating myself from them....they said "I did not step up to the plate." I beg to differ! Well, I dont beg, just differ. :)

Funding issues have plagued many a expedition and caused delays.

I appreciate all the friendship and support from all of you.

Peace, Bill

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