Monday, July 4, 2011

Expedition update Happy Fourth!!!!

My friends at Joy Homestead! I camped here for
two nights!

 Lots to share! OK, where do I start?!
First, great news! Rhode Island has the first W3R Bike Route from Newport to the CT border on at Route 14A from the Cycling W3R Expedition, there may be some minor adjustments, but it is a solid route!

It is a great route!

Now, you all are adults and need to get the truth about what is happening, so here you go ( if you are a contributor or sponsor feel free to call me and I will give you an exact accounting) due to lack of original expedition funding, and some unforeseen loss of business one of my clients experienced(therefore I did not get paid). I have made the decision to complete the expedition into sections-one or two states at a time to complete the mission. Everything happens for a reason. :)

This is Waterman's Tavern, one of the 1781
encampments. This is the family who
lives there now.

I will still be fundraising until the expedition is complete. So if you would like to contribute please do!

Since I completed Rhode Island, I have come back to KC to get money coming into my business for the next sections. But if someone handed me a check to cover the trip I would head right back up the W3R and finish it! (Please call me if you have questions about this!)

This last week has been on of the greatest in my life! This expedition is much bigger than I than I could have imagined! The route, the history, and the people.

old barn on rt 12
 The route is gorgeous. Part of my bike route is on the official W3R driving route marked by signs and land marks. The cities will need to be handled with more care than the countryside. By the way-I am looking for local cyclists who can guide me through, Waterbury CT,  Hartford CT, Baltimore MD, and Washington DC.

The history of Rhode Island is INCREDIBLE. Spending time with historians, business owners, and cyclists, everyone has stories to tell, that are relevant to the expedition.

The people. Oh my God...the people of Rhode Island are glorious! From Peter Rice of Newport to Lydia Rapoza of Joy Homestead in Cranston, Dianna, also Bill Downing also of Cranston, all of which I will be writing about in the next few days in the travel narratives.

At the CT border- my next state!
What I did not fully understand about the Cycling W3R Expedition, until I actually started it,  is the the enormity of the project, the bike route is one part, the people another. When the French were Marching in 1781 they were treated with the same kindness as I. The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R) is the embodiment of America, and like a fine wine it should be taken in slowly so as to experience its past and present.

OK, that is enough for now. Look for the posts to come, and let's get me back up to complete the CT route ASAP! :)

Peace, Bill

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