Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hey all, sorry have not been able to get online for the blog. Dealing with some issues.

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful morning in Newport. I left at 10 pm from the Rochambeau statue.. I got a great route which I will share shortly! Everything went great up to Providence, and then, I got lost three times following signs, not being able to find the street I needed to follow, and could not get good directions from locals. I was hot and tired and late to a reception at Joy Homestead., so made the choice to call for a ride.

So the issue is what about the other major cities and what do I do for a route? So it instilled doubt that I should be rolling solo into the big cities? So I am thinking of options for this issue. I knew this may be issue for future travelers of the route.

So the other issue is money, I let you all know that one of my clients could not pay me, because they lost 50% of their business, so the money I was counting on to help pay for the this trip is not coming in, so I had to take a loan out to cover the funds I could not raise, and not feeling the pressure of the additional debt.
So I started to think about my return and needing to deal with. So feel the need to generate the income.

So what I am thinking now is instead of doing all the states at once, do them peicemeal, at diffent times so I can spend more time in each state and then put all the peices together. Maybe give each state 3-4 days so I can do a thorough route, rather then rushing it.

I thought of this because I have spent three full days here in Rhode Island, and have had a great time meeting people in Newport, the towns up to Providence, and the and the great folks from Joy Homestead. I have spent hours with the people talking aobut this trip and the history of the trail. for example today, after a huge breakfast of Johnny Cakes, eggs, ham, beans, blueberry muffins and hot coffee, Lydia, my host and Dianna, my new cook, followed me to the CT border, it was so awesome! I got to ride on the original roads Rochambeau wrote about in his journals! And the girls tooks lots and lots of picks I will post when I get them. I then rode south to the East Coast Greenway route to explore that. Yesterday rode 42 miles today about 46. I feel good physically.

So, without anymore rambling, I am trying to figure out if I am going to continue for the entire time or cut it short and come back stronger, and break the expedition up into sections. Sorry if I inconvienced anyone, but sometimes trips like this have unexpected issues.

Will be in touch tomorrow!

I am alive and well in Rogues Island (That is what the Kind George of England use to call the the Rhode Islanders!) Btw, I am sitting in the Governor Sprague Mansion in Cranston writing this out! I have gotten some really great writing material from all these historians I am hanging with.

Peace, Bill


  1. Dear Bill: I guess if you want to make the universe laugh, you should tell it your plans! It makes sense to devote sections of the project to "getting through/around the major cities," considering you may well have to try several routes to find the best one. Claudia

  2. You are right Claudia, this expedition is bigger than I imagined, I did not get it til I started it and until I was finding routes in person and not just from a map. I will be back to start CT as soon as possible,
    But until then, will write about Rhode island, the route, history, and the people......first up is Newport to Providence