Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day before Cycling W3R Expedition

Pete Rice and I
At the Rochambeau Statue in
Arrived in Newport today at 1245. I took the Fast Ferry from MV, and it was fast! And choppy! I got seasick! Well, I just had to stand outside on rear deck and focus on the
horizon. I started thinking about Rochambeau and his troops in 1781 and their voyage across the Atlantic. Wow.

Pete Rice met me at the ferry as the there is no easy way to cross the bridges into Newport...bikes are not allowed. :( But, I am glad I called Pete who turned out to be my tour guide for about 3 hours! It was nice to have him there to show me more options for the route to Providence. Pete is a local cyclists, who is retired Navy, but in origially from North Dakota.

We had a great time doing recon for the route and I loved learning about the history of New Port, which is a gorgeous town!

Expedition Bicycle
 Pete dropped me off at the Hostel and I met some of my Hostel mates who are from CA, England, and Ireland. I hostel is great and only a couple of blocks from the water!

Tonight I will explore Newport! Tomorrow I get interviewed by the Newport Daily News at 9am and off at 10!

Hope you follow. Also, Having trouble downloading pic onto the Cycling W3R facebook page, so you should friend me directly on facebook to my personal page. I will still update on the other too.

Bye for now!
Peace, Bill

Here is a video form yesterday on Martha's Vineyard! Enjoy!

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