Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Expedition update June 21st

9 days to go!
Dear friends,
Time is slipping by, I am eager to get started!


1.Thanks to Claudia Gibson for making a 2nd donation! You are awesome!!

2.  There will be an interview tonight on the KC Station, Fox 4 News at 530!

There was a great article on the expedition in the Kansas City Star newspaper on Saturday! Please share with your friends and news agencies.

3. Joy Homestead and their staff is holding a late afternoon/ early evening Cycling W3R Expedition event! Times will be anounced soon. Will be a good time- There will be food, bicycle talk, historical chat, I will be speaking about the expedition and what the future holds in the next few weeks for Cycling and the W3R. The expedition bicycle will be there too! :) PLUS-A lucky two people will have a chance to win a official Cycling W3R bicycling cap-hand made!

4. W3R Cycling caps can  also be purchased at Taddihogg.com for $20 through their web site. $10.00 will go to the expedition. Thank you Thad!

5. Family Bicycles-an excellent Kansas City Missouri bike shop and is the offical Cycling W3R Expedition Bike Shop! Please go see Theresa and her staff if you are looking for a bike for recreation, racing, commuting, or touring like me! They are the only Silver designated-for Bicycle Friendly Business by League of American Bicyclist shop in KCMO. The service they provide is excellent! I am glad to have them as a partner on this venture.

6. Mapping: I will be mapping out preliminarly routes through CT and NY today. The routes are from various mapping programs and recommendations form area cyclists in each state. I will make adjustments when I am on the road or adopt the route for the guide book. Be sure to add your thoughts if you are a area cyclist.

7.  Cycling W3R Expedition route criteria:
The route must:
1. Safe and fun Bike Route for cyclists of all levels-consideration will be made for all types of cyclist.
2. Stay on or as close to the original W3R- National Historic Trail as possible so the cyclist can have a experience in history.
3. Promote tourism by creating a "Bicycle Friendly" route-so people will use the Cycling W3R Bike Route in the future thereby supporting the communities they are rolling through, thus increasing awareness, support, and public use of the W3R-NHT and local communities. This last one will also benefit each community in three ways: promoting healthier lifestyles, cleaner environments, and stronger communites ( all the results of using a bicycle for transportation and travel.)

Ok, that is it for now. Please help out if you can!

Peace, Bill

PS-remember I will be blogging about the expedition here and adding Facebook updates through out the days (as long as I have reception). I will be blogging once a day, but adding facebook updates multiple times throughout the day. Please go to the Cycling W3R Facebook page and be a Fan so you can see the updates. Also you can sign up for email updates on the right side of this site.

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