Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Expedition update June 22

I had a lovely dinner last night with some friends of my family. Nancy and Duane Benton started Creative Candles in Kansas City in the early 70s and sold it in the late 90s. They saw the article about the expedition in Saturdays paper and Duane called me, and they invited me to a great dinner, at a local French restaurant here is Prairie Village, which I thought very appropriate considering the French connections to the expedition!

I had not seen the Benton's for almost 40 years...just another example of how expedition is reaching out to the past and bringing it into the present.

While on the W3R, I will too, be sharing the past with you.

Thanks to these folks have donated so far in this weeks fundraiser (6/17-6/27)
 Thank you all for your kindness and generosity!

Brian & Edie Larson-Prairie Village, KS
Duane Benton-Westwood, KS
Linda Jones-Lenexa, KS
Claudia Gibson, West Lebanon, NH (2nd donation!)
Mark Titus-Prairie Village, KS
Mick Swanson-Prairie Village, KS
Amie Wolff Logan-Overland Park, KS
Amy Sue Pennington-Shawnee, KS
Hal and Vickie Flynn-Prairie Village, KS

Here is the link to a interview from Fox in KC regarding the expedition!

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