Monday, June 27, 2011

Expedition update: last day in Kansas City!

Flying out in the morning! I still have to pack!

Theresa, the owner of Family Bicycles supervising the
careful art of putting a bike on a small box!

 I would like to thank all the sponsors and folks who kindly donated up to this point, and especially to Family Bicycles for all there hard work making sure my bicycle is up to the challenge and boxed for the flight! So thank you to all their great staff and excellent service. I think they are the only KC Bike shop that really gets bike touring!
Thanks to Theresa the owner and Matt whom boxed my bike and gave me a great tune up!

yep there is a bike in there!
My flight to Boston leaves at 8:15am, and my good friend Mark Rainey has volunteered to give me a lift to the airport! I will arrive in Boston  at 12:30ish. Then I take a bus to Woods Hole on Cape Cod. I will put the bike back together on the dock of the Ferry to Martha's Vineyard.

Next, ferry over to Martha's Vineyard, once there I will do a quick 30 mile ride around the island and then head to my friends home in West Tisbury! Then Wed. I will tour the island and hope to get some beach time and time with my good friends, Teri, Sean, Emma, and Max.

On Thursday I will take a ferry and arrive by sea just as Rochambeau did in 1780. I should arrive Quonset Point around 12:45. This I will skillfully make my way to Newport. I will  explore Newport and spend the night...I am not sure where yet, and I depart the on the historic Cycling W3R Expedition at 10am on July 1st, at the Rochambeau statue in Newport. With the advice of, Peter Rice, Mark Dieterich of the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition and some of his friends, and Eric of the East Coast Greenway Alliance I will head north along a very exciting route which will take me into the heart of Providence...I will share the route shortly .

I make my way to Joy Homestead is next, in Cranston, is where Lydia Rapoza will be hosting a small reception for me at their historic site! Starts a 5pm, so if you are in the area I hope to meet you. You will see the gear, bike, tent, and I juggle.:) I will talk about the Cycling W3R Expedition, how it came to be, and where it is headed.

Come to Joy Homestead at 5pm on July 1st!
 Then, on the morning of the 2nd. I will head west into into history. Did you know the French officers where allowed 300lbs of personal belongings while on their expedition! It was carried by ox and cart!

I look forward to meeting you. Yes, you.

Peace, Bill


  1. We wish you the best on your adventure! We will be thinking of you & waiting to celebrate when you return safely!!

    Take Care Friend! Doug, Anne, Hannah, Rachel & Kirt W.

  2. Good luck, Bill! Tell Eric "hi" for me. I am looking forward to riding with you in a few weeks. Terry