Friday, June 10, 2011

Expedition update June 10th

Coming home from a bike camping overnight
exploring a abandoned road
 20 days away! There is alot of new things to cover. 
This is very important stuff, so please read carefully! :)

Starting point rumors:
Some rumors have been floating around that I am starting in Providence. They are false I am starting at the Rochambeau Statue in Newport, RI and then heading to Providence and Joy Homestead.

Contacting me:
Getting ahold of me, wanting me to speak, offer of place to stay(shower or do laundry), want to camp with me, have dinner with me at the camp, host a dinner, or wanting to join in on the expedition for a day please email me at If I do not respond in 24 hours- your email may have going into spam, you are welcome to call 913 220 1213. You can also follow this blogsite and the facebook page.

Route Info:
Here are the base line routes per state from the NPS-I will be modifying as I go along but this will give you a basic idea of the route I am following and if I am headed your way, they are interactive and at full zoom so you have to let out the zoom and the route will show up:

Rhode Island
New York
Corridor 1:
New Jersey
Corridor 2:

New Jersey
Pennsylvania-route being planned
Washington DC

If you have ideas for a Bike Route I am open, but you will need to have ridden suggested route on a bicycle to be considered. I will be looking at routes 1-2 days ahead via internet of arrival and will be making adjustments before, during and after if needed. FYI-the most complicated route is how to get across the Hudson in NY by bicycle and stay close to the W3R.

New Strategic partnerships:I have some wonderful partners: the W3R-US, The Marchers, Adventure Cycling Association, and the National Park Service. All are key to helping me accomplish the mission.

I am excited to announce the East Coast Greenway Alliance as a new partner! This is their vision that fits nicely into the Mission of Cycling W3R:

"The East Coast Greenway vision is for a long-distance, urban, shared-use trail system linking 25 major cities along the eastern seaboard between Calais, Maine and Key West, Florida. It will serve non-motorized users of all abilities and ages. A 3,000-mile long spine route will be accompanied by 2,000 miles of alternate routes that link in key cities, towns, and areas of natural beauty. This green travel corridor will provide cyclists, walkers, and other muscle-powered modes of transportation with a low-impact way to explore the eastern seaboard."

 I am excited to say Eric Weis the ECGA Trail Program Coordinator will be riding with me in Providence...yay!

  W3R Hats: The first of the hats are here. I will have some with me on the route!

Press Releases: I need help with the media, so if you have contacts or want to send press releases to your local newspapers or TV stations please let me know.
Here is a local blurb from Fox you may use to spark interest.

I am training with loaded panniers:
Panniers are basically saddle bags that
will carry all my gear!
Going solo: Lastly, I will be doing the expedition solo. There will be people riding with me along the whole route, but no one for the entire length of the route. This works well for me because it allows me to ride at my pace and not have to accomodate anyone else. This is in line with the grassroots focus of the expedition-many people and organizations coming together to see the success of the Cycling W3R Expedition.

Thanks much to all those people who are reaching out: from the W3R-US folks, to Terry Dorn in Fredricksburg, VA and Earnie Porta, the Mayor of Occoquan, Va to Damon Rodnac of the Marchers. And all the rest of you who sent me a note! Thanks.

Thanks to Galina Chernikova from New Jersey for her kind contribution!

Peace, Bill

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