Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Preparing for the expedition

Gear: bike, two rear panniers, tent, and
front handel bar bag.
Photo by David Rainey
Preparing for the Cycling W3R Expedition

Thirty Days away from the expedition! I have been talking to many people about the trip and many of the questions have been similar, so, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of them with you all.

How long will it take?

"The W3R is 600 odd miles. I am searching for the most safe bike route, so I expect to add on another 100 miles. I will be cycling an average of 40-60 miles a day, depending on terrain and weather. I will be speaking to groups along the way-cyclists and historic groups and plan to take a day off every 3-4 days. I expect to be in Yorktown, Virginia by July 21st."

Rolling with friends this weekend
at the Pedaler's Jamboree
Photo by David Rainey
What will your daily schedule be?
"Up by 6am, do some yoga, break down camp by 7am. Then roll to some place I can get coffee and a roll. I will try to ride 10-20 miles from 7-9, then take a little break, the ride another 20 miles, eat lunch, and roll another 10-20, hopefully being in camp by 2pm. I then plan to explore local towns, speak at various places, and have dinner with locals. Also will spend evening blogging to you all and preparing the route for the next day. That is the basic schedule I will follow. Days off will consist of exploring towns along the W3R, mingling and interviewing the natives,  and catching up on emails."

What kind of support will you have?

"The expedition is self supported, so that means I will be carrying all the gear I need. Since I will be near towns and cities, I will forage for food on a daily basis.. :) I expect to camp outside 90% of the time.

a loaded bike, a gravel road, and a
hill is the best training
 What kind of training are you doing?

"I bike and walk every day for transportation. My cycling varies day to day from 10 miles minimum to over 50 miles per day. I am a strong cyclist, but not riding the heavy loaded bicycle, so I have been carrying panniers from Arkel (saddle bags) loaded with bricks and books and cycling on hilly routes to simulate the routes on the east coast. I have been doing bike overnight trips every weekend where I simulate the expedition, by riding a fully loaded bicycle and camp out overnight."

What is the route like, are you nervous?

"700 miles, though 9 states, and 5 major cities. There is more danger from cars than anything else. I have been cycling in a city for over ten years now so I am comfortable with cycling along traffic. I guess the only thing I am nervous about is once I get past PA I have never been in DE, MD, or VA. I will have people occasionally riding with me, so that should alleviate any fears. I am very excited!!!!

If you have any questions regarding the expedition, email me at

Peace, Bill

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