Sunday, June 19, 2011

The W3R-what it means to you and me

Yesterday was the 230th
Birthday of the W3R
I learned of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R) while having coffee with a good friend of mine Dave Fagerberg a professional 18th century reenactor. He explained to me the significance on the W3R and I was hooked!

A French Army comes to Newport, Rhode Island and then marches, in 1781, over 5000 troops across the state, then CT, and into New York where they met up with the Continental Army and General Washington, and then they marched across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and finally into Virginia and on to Yorktown where they defeated the British in what is know at the Battle of Yorktown.

Dave Fagerberg and myself

Two years later the war for liberty was over.

The W3R represents the freedom and liberty we Americans have today, but frequently take for-granted. If those sacrifices were not made by the soldiers and civilians of the revolution we may well be eating beans for breakfast (a English favorite breakfast food).

My friend Dave is currently marching the same route of the soldiers of 1781, they started yesterday! Here is the Marchers facebook page if you would like to follow them. Godspeed to them!

I am so excited to be a part of the W3R now. The Cycling W3R is the first ever of its kind on this route.
One of the missions of the expedition is to recognize the sacrifices made my the men and women of the American Revolution, and I did not know this, but there were black men fighting along side white men. I love that-equality.

All fighting for their basic human rights; freedom and liberty.

We enjoy our liberty in American, while other people, like in Tunisia and Egypt have to fight for theirs, just as our ancestors did 230 years ago at the Battle of Yorktown.

I love America.

This is the son of our
sponsor, Taddihogg Cycling
Hats. He is pointing to the East to the
W3R and he is wearing a
 W3R Cycling cap!
We are so lucky to have this country and to live here. The W3R is a symbol of America, and I believe with all my heart the people like the Marchers, and the community of people that have come together for the Cycling W3R Expedition represents;
I envision many people, young and old, venturing to the W3R, whether on foot or bicycle, and to explore the past with the present.

God Bless America

Peace, Bill

Thanks to Claudia Gibson for her 2nd donation to the Cycling W3R Expedition!

FYI-this is the new article on the expedition!

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