Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Look at the map below and you will see Waterman's
Tavern below Providence, RI as one of the encampments
of the the French in 1781, this pic is my standing in front
of Watermans Tavern which is now a private home.
Isn't that cool!

Hey all, working my tail off here in Kansas to bring in funds so I can get back up to the East Coast. It is not easy following your dreams and keeping the bills paid.

I am still fundraising for the Expedition (s). If you would like to help out I would be grateful. Remember, I am doing this as a volunteer. Mapping out the first bicycle route on the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route!

Mapping out a bike route on a National Historic Trail, remembering sacrifices made by the American Revolutionary Soldiers so we could have the Liberty and Freedoms we so enjoy today, and promoting alternative transportation-the bicycle- for travel and transportation.

NEXT: I am talking with local communities along the W3R abut promoting tourism to their areas via the Bike Route.

I will be meeting with Eric Weis of the East Coast Greenway Alliance regarding the routes thru downtown Providence and Hartford, CT. I plan to complete the state of CT and NY in Early September, and if all the funding comes together with your help the rest of the route in time for the Anniversary of the surrender of the British to General Washington on October 19th in Yorktown, VA.

Thank so much to Shawna Beckner, Whitney Bartelli, Freeman Smith, and Stephanie Smith for their recent donations.

Peace, Bill

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