Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Expedition Update 5/18

I love this! Many people are reaching out to me, offering me help for the trip. I appreciate everyone’s kindness. I am amazed by social media and how it is connecting me to people.

Still passing around the helmet for donations. :) Thanks so much to Claudia Gibson from Lebanon, NH for her generous donation.

Sorry to be asking for help on this, but this Expedition cost money. Remember the money goes toward expenses: travel, food, emergency, insurance, equipment, and media gear. Please, as this is grassroots anything will help $20, $50, $100 or what you are comfortable with donating. We still need over $6000 to fully fund it? Anyone a millionaire? I will place your name on the support page, talk to you while on the Expedition via email or phone, and acknowledge you in the book.

This is a group effort, although I am the one physically biking the W3R, everyone who contributes is part of the team.

Claudia also said something to me in a follow up email that helped me refocus on why I am doing this expedition.

"I like the kind of exploration you plan to do -- making a path (and not thru the wilderness) but from a point of view -- of a cyclist, walker, person of a previous century. Like Anne Mustoe." '

Claudia paid me a huge compliment by comparing this style of trip to the travel author, Anne Mustoe.

This ride is a big deal. Following the footsteps of those people who 230 years ago helped insure the freedom and liberty we so enjoy in America, but routinely take for granted.

I am excited that I am bringing together: historians, cyclists, National Park Service, artists, alternative transportation advocates, non cyclists, kids, reenactors, Adventure Cycling Association, and!

Please share this site with all the people you know!



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