Thursday, May 12, 2011

Expedition update May 12th

Last weekends trip, we spent alot of time on gravel roads.
My head is spinning like the wheels on my bicycle! :) Between work, moving at the end of the month, weekend bike trips, and the expedition, life is anything but boring...I love it!

Thanks much to Kelley Haas of BKV Direct Marketing firm for their donation of $200! Also, thanks to Tiffany Hiller for her generous donation. As of right now I am at $870 donated for the expedition! I need to still bring in another $6000 to fully fund it, so if you can find it in your heart to help, please do.

We set up camp right on the Missouri River!

Everything is still in line for the July 1st start! I am doing short weekend cycling camping trips, called S24Os, to prepare for the expedition. Here are some pics from this last weekend trip with my friend Randy Rasa. We biked from Kansas City suburbs, to Desoto Kansas, then north to Leavenworth Kansas where we spent the night camping by the Missouri River, then we rode home the next day through hilly back roads. It was a awesome trip!

We did some urban exploring in downtown Leavenworth
This coming weekend trip should be awesome as well as I will be camping in Louisburg, Kansas on the Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary. They are a big cat rescue and I will be sleeping close to tigers, mountain lions, and they even have a couple of wolves and multiple other animals. My friend Bettie is the Director and is allowing me camp on the property.
If you would like to join me email me at

Please help out if you can and be a part of something awesome!

Peace, Bill

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