Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Expedition update 5/ 24/ 11

Washington and Rochambeau
W3R Expedition Update 5/24/11

The Cycling W3R Expedition is going well. Still over one month away, time slips by too fast and I feel the urgency of my To Do list!:)

If you would like to help feel free to email me or go to the Support page to find out what is still needed. bill@poindexterrecruiting.com

Tent: still needing a tent-someone asked me what kind-this would be ideal: http://www.adventurecycling.org/store/index.cfm/product/430_67/msr-hubba-hubba-2-person-tent.cfm

Why should you help?

That is a good and legitimate question!
In my own way, I am trying to make the world a better, healthier, and safer place.

1. I am going to map out, in partnership with the National Park Service, a safe
Bike Route
for future users of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R). This National Historic Trail is primarily set up for people to drive on, but only small sections are set up for cycling. No one has ever biked the entire trail or mapped out a safe route-this expedition will be the first!

2. The past meeting the present! This expedtion will increase awareness of the sacrifices made for us by the soldiers and civilians in 1781 to have the liberty and freedom we so enjoy today, but sometimes take for granted.

3. The benefits of bicycling for travel and transportation; healthy bodies and minds, cleaner environment, and stronger community.

So take your pick, or maybe you are interested in my own personal story and just want to help a person who is following his passions and dreams on a adventure.

Do not forget I will be blogging while on the expedition- I will be updating the Facebook page a few times a day, and will download video.

As this is a grassroots expedition-it needs the support of the community-you! :)

Thanks to those who have volunteered time, donated gear, sponsored, donated money, and who promote this to others.

New donations:
Thanks to these new donaters!

Debbie Simpson of Mission Hills, KS
Debbie generously donated funds! Debbie is one of my good Starbucks friends!

Dana Niles of Merion Station, PA
Dana donated funds, a possible place to stay- she lives in Philadelphia, and a Starbucks Card!

Dana too came up with a creative way and a challenge to people who want to donate but are unsure how much to give, here are her thoughts:

"Hey Bill, In support of your ride I am going to donate the amount of money it takes to fill up my gas tank. In addition, I promise to limit the use of my car, increase use of the train, my bike, and my feet, and to support (ahem; enforce) the same of my kids. I encourage everyone to do the same!"

Thanks to Mark Rainey for printing off some flyers for me!

Public Relations:

Adventure Cyclings  June 1st email newsletter Bike Bits will have a small piece regarding the Expedition. And on June 2nd, a local NBC news station will be interviewing me. There are more things in the works.

I am so excited, and a little nervous too J Adventures like this make life interesting, getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that scares you. Trimming the fat off the soul...so to speak;)

Peace, Bill

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