Monday, April 4, 2011

The Expedition Plan

Fact: Did you know the French soldiers ate two pounds of bread per day while on the March to Yorktown?

Our destination
 Here is the plan right now:

Expedtion start date: July1

We will get to Martha's Vineyard, MA, then take a ship from Martha's Vineyard to Newport, Rhode Island.

 We will start cycling in Newport,  and go through RI.

We will next go into and cross Connecticut.

Then go into New York, cross the Hudson River, then drop into New Jersey.

Pennsylvania is next, and we plan to meet up with Joe Dibello of the National Park Service, in Philadelphia, where he will ride with me for a time. Next on into Delaware.

Bill Poindexter
 Then will be heading into Maryland and Washington, DC, we will ride with some cyclists and law makers(hopefully) in DC. Virginia is next, and on to Williamsburg and then, to Yorktown.

This is a map of the route the French and American soldiers took in 1781. We will be following in their steps, 600+ miles atop of a bicycle!

This Cycling Expedition is a big deal.We are doing a number of things:

Promoting alternative transportation and helping with the health of : people(encouraging exercise), the environment (using bicycle instead of cars to see the Trail thereby reducing impact on environment, less traffic, noise and air pollution), and communities(cyclists will bring tourism to towns and cities along the route, plus people in communities may use the route for bicycle travel, and get to know one another a little better).

We are creating a bicycling route so generations to come can enjoy bicycling this National Historic Trail, this is a big help to the National Park Service who would like to see more people bicycling in their National Parks and Historic Trails.

We are educating people of all ages, all around the world, about the sacrifices made, by the French and American Soldiers in the in 1781, when they marched on this Epic Expedition. This is very relevant today as many people forget about the sacrifices that were made, and let us not forget, it was white and black soldiers fighting side by side, so we could have the Liberty/ Freedom we enjoy today. America is a GREAT country, we must not forget it!

We hope you join or support us!


If you have a interest in following this trip form your chair or on the trail, let me know. If you would like to host a fundraiser, I would greatly appreciate the help. To show your support of this trip, please donate what you can by using the yellow "Donate" button on the right of this page or email me and I can give you an address to mail a check to.

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