Friday, April 8, 2011

Expedition promotional video

This is fun! The first promotional video/ slideshow. Showing the past, 1781, meeting the present. Feel free to pass this ony to your friends. And please support this expedition. Thank you!

How would a 1781 Continential Army Soldier react to a Cyclist from 2011?

Thanks to Dave Fagerberg of The Marchers. Dave and The Marchers are 18th century reenactors who will be marching the entire route I will be cycling this summer.

Thanks also to William Rose, Artist/Photographer for the photos!

Peace, Bill

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  1. and how would a 1781 Cont. Army Soldier - no doubt a guy, react to a experienced, fit and happy woman on a bicycle (in shorts in July), no matter when was her era of birth? (In my case 1955)!!!!?????