Monday, April 11, 2011

Expedition planning update

From photo shoot
Hi all! Thanks to many of you who have been kind enough to help us up to this point.

There are many good things happening and in the works.

Phase 1 is completed-Blog and Facebook fans page creation. Announcing the expedition. First photo shoot. Information gathering and strategic relationships with people who know the W3R-NHT.

Phase 2, now, we will be focused on gear sponsors, fundraising, marketing, and promoting the expedition via email, social media, face to face, videos, articles, news organizations, interviews, strategic partnerships, social networking, and anything else we can do to promote it. And then there is looking over possible routes on maps and google earth, as well as reading more on the history and about the people whose footsteps we will be rolling over on two wheels. :)

We created a logo with the help of Bonnie Boyles and Kevin Ryland. This is the initial logo.

Photo shoot:
we had a successful photo shoot last week with Dave Fagerberg, a 18th century reenactor. Theme was past meeting the present-it was alot of fun and got some great pictures for marketing from it.

Strategic partnership:
Joe Dibello, with the National Park Service, the superintendent of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route has officially become a partner of the expedition. Joe will ride with us part way when we get to Philidelphia.

W3R Association is also working in partnership with the expedition, along with Robert Selig who is now the expedition historian.

This week the Adventure Cycling Association will be considering us for a partnership program...we hope to get the opportunity to work with them.

Gear Sponsor:
Yay! Arkel is now an official gear sponsor of the expedition. I have been working with Joe Kurmaskie with Arkel. We are excited to have Arkel with us!!!

Wish list:

Besides needing funding to pay for expenses; team member travel, food, gear not donated, emergency fund, occasional lodging, etc.

I have a wish list of things that are needed that you may have and are able to donate.
sleeping bags
sleeping pads
bicycle tires

And things we need now to document trip:
Good digital camera-10+ pixels
Video camera
Helmet cam
bicycle GPS
back up laptop.

Well, I think that is it for now. Please help us if you can. This is a big deal and I want you to be a part of it. And we need your help.

If you love cycling, good health, adventure, American history-are thankful for the sacrifices made by the soldiers and citizens in the American Revolution,  traveling by bicycle, or just feel inspired by our passion to make the world a better place... please help out.

Every bit helps.

Peace, Bill

Any ideas and thoughts are alway welcomed!

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