Friday, April 1, 2011

Expedition Planning update

I love this, but it is not easy! :)

At least one of my cats, Coyote is trying to help.

Planning a trip like this is different than a traditional cycling tour.

The mapping, marketing, public relations, fundraising, sponsorships, equipment, strategic partnerships, diplomacy, politics of organizations and everything else is time consuming, I love it!

The National Park Service is one of our official partners, some other groups are considering the same, and some equipment companies may sponsor the trip. Fingers crossed.

I am pouring over maps, and historical documents supplied by Joe Dibello, Superintendent of the Trail, Robert Selig-our expedition historian, a map of the Connecticut section, and journals of soldiers who marched the trail 230 years ago.

I appreciate the help of all the people at the W3R-US Association for there help and promotion-great partners!

And the help of Dave Fagerberg of The Marchers! Dave and I are having some cool pictures taken next week that I think you all will like!

The Adventure Cycling Association will be considering having a strategic partnership with the Expedition, they are meeting on the 4th, and will let me know. Their mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle, plus they are incredible map makers, so their help would be invaluable. They have over 44,000 active members. Wow.

I cannot wait the expedition begins. Traveling on a bicycle, is a experience all should try at least once in their life.

A trip like this, even though it is in fairly populated areas is not without dangers. Our main concern will not be rogue elephants or hungry grizzlies, no, it will be more like a Ford Mustang, or other vehicles we will have to watch out for. I have never been on this trail.

Also a trip like this is good for the soul, adventure. Good to pare the down the fat and do something that is not altogether comfortable. Where will we sleep? How many hours per day will we bike. How long will the exploration of alternate routes take? What will the weather be like?

Adventure awaits!

Thanks to all those kind folks who sent me encouraging words of support!

Peace, Bill

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