Sunday, April 24, 2011

Expedition update April 24th

Hi everyone!

Wow, just 2 months and 7 days left before the start of the Cycling W3R Expedition. 
So much to do! Glad I thrive on pressure.

There are two potential gear sponsors I will be finalizing next week-if we come to terms.

The Adventure Cycling Association is will be meeting next week to consider if they will be official partners of the expedition-the original meeting was delayed for two weeks as one of their senior people was unavailable. Once this is completed I will then be contacting all bike shops, cycling associations, bike clubs, coalitions, and cyclists along the 9 state route letting them know about the expedition.

Fundraising: I am still raising funds for the expedition, so far I have raised $400, and we are still looking to raise $7,100 to fully fund it (see the Support Us page). If you have not donated yet, please do, it is very costly, and if you read our mission statement you will see it is going toward a good cause, no profit is made here.

Social media: You will be able to follow expedition on the blog, Facebook, and twitter. Not only will I be writing a daily journal, but also posting pictures and videos. Should be very exciting as I will bring you inside the expedition on a daily basis-I will tell you exactly what is going. Also, those you who donate to the expedition will be contacted by me during the expedition so I can personally thank you and give you a personal update.

Wish list: I am still in need of tent, stove, quality digital camera, flip camera, and helmet cam, and a quality GPS.

Addition thoughts:

Newport, Rhode Island 1780
Uniqueness of expedition: One of the things that make this expedition so unique is the changes in terrain of the past campared to the present. We are retracing the footsteps of Revolutionary Soldiers through some of the most densely populated areas of the United States. We will slip in and out of the past while rolling though hilly, tree lined, country roads, then transecting through suburban areas, and next into urban environments as we follow the 230 year old route. The biggest obstacle is traffic in the four major cities we go through to follow the original route of Washington and Rochambeau; Providence RI, Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, and Washington, DC. We will be imagining the terrain of the past as we roll over changes of the present.

Lastly, some folks have been asking me what kind of bike I ride while training for the expedition.

My bike being inspected by a 1781 soldier

Actually it is the same bicycle I ride all year; a 21 speed, steel frame mountain bike with a rigid front fork (means no shocks). The bike itself retails for $329. To make it more durable I added stronger 26 inch wheels and tires, but otherwise the components (parts) are the same as a new bike. I also added fenders, platform pedals, seat, carbon fiber bar ends, tire liners to prevent punctures, and a rear rack.

This bike suits me well for my lifestyle- I bike all year for transportation. It is heavy, about 35lbs, and over 40 with my Arkel Trail Rider rear trunk bag and full water bottles. If I take it on the expedition the total weight, with loaded front and rear panniers, will be 60-70lbs. This has been the most reliable bike for me over the last 10 years. But what works well for me may not be a good choice for you as it is a very personal choice and up to each individual to find what type of bike works best for them.

Thank you for following this expedition.

Please let me know your thoughts!

Bill Poindexter, Expedition Leader
Cycling W3R

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